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Why Do I Need WordPress Maintenance Service?

WordPress uses a framework that is open source and is going through constant revisions and updates. For this reason, it needs to be regularly maintained, ensuring that your website is safe from any malicious attacks. The same is true of your theme and any plugins installed. They constantly need updating to stay current and to protect your site. (The same way your computer’s operating system is regularly needing updates). By enrolling in this plan, this is all taken care of for you and you can be rest assured you are always up to date and should the worst happen, we have a most recent backup. Think of this as being like “Website Insurance”.

Once your website has been built to your satisfaction and once it has gone live, the job is not yet done. It is very important that your site is monitored and has WordPress Maintenance Service on a regular basis. This is not just to update the content of your site, but more importantly to perform the following tasks:

  • WordPress Updates: WordPress itself is constantly providing updates to improve its functionality and to counter any attacks to its security.
  • Theme updates:  Themes are installed with WordPress and provide the look and feel of your website. The same as the WordPress core, themes need to also protect your site’s security.
  • Plugins: These add features and more functionality to your site. For example, a calendar might be a plugin your company uses. Of course when either WordPress or your theme provides an update, your plugin also needs to be updated to work seamlessly.
  • Daily Backups: We perform daily backups to the cloud of your website so that should there be a catastrophic failure, we can often restore your website’s information and data.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: We monitor your site and we are notified immediately should it go down. Using previously generated backups, we are often able to restore your site to it’s latest backup point.
  • Security Threats: We constantly monitor your site against any malware or malicious code and should this adversely affect your website, we can often restore back to it’s latest backup.
  • Reporting: Once a month you will receive a detail report in a PDF document outlining all activity.
  • Google Analytics: We will send you a monthly report of your site visitors, where they come from and their activity on your site. (You will need to have a Google or Gmail account – we will be able to help you set this up).

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For more information on WordPress Maintenance Service, please see this article at WordPress.org

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