Why a Fully Responsive Site?

An image showing website responsvieness
More and more users are browsing the internet using a mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone. In fact, since May of 2014, there are more mobile device users searching the internet than those using desktop computers (see images below).  I’m sure you’ve seen some websites on a mobile device that are impossible to read because they are too small to see. Being “responsive” means that your website will AUTOMATICALLY respond, based on the visitors screen size.  What you see on a desktop computer is different that what you will see on a tablet, which again is different from what you would see on a smart phone.  Feel free to check out the website you are viewing right now – try to view on different devices and you will see what this looks like.  No more losing customers, or potential customers just because they can’t read your site.

On April 21, 2015, Google changed it algorithms so that any websites that are not “mobile friendly” will begin to lose rankings within the Google searches.  And of course, the whole reason you would want a website, is to be found.  If you already have a website and are not sure if your site qualifies, Google has offered a MOBILE FRIENDLY TEST SITE where you can test your existing site(s) to see if it/they are compliant.

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