E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce solutions offered by Coastal Webmasters in Nanaimo, BCTo put it simply, e-commerce is the buying and selling of goods or services online. This no longer is a service offered by those who are tech-savvy. Recent studies indicate that by 2016, global online sales are expected to reach over $1.3 trillion. That’s an increase of 12% since 2012. As a  business owner, you’re next question is probably, “why is my e-commerce website not pulling in its share of traffic?”

Secure, Integrated, Online Shopping

The most important thing to consider is your customer’s security. For them to shop online, they need to be sure that your e-commerce website offers security for their personal and financial information. If you are only seeing “http” in the address bar, then the site is not secure – it should say “https”. The worst thing what you can do is take shortcuts when it comes to your customers safety, possibly resulting in identity theft.

Your online shopping cart or e-commerce store is open 24/7, so whether you use Paypal or another payment processor, means your customers should be able to receive prompt confirmation of their purchase along with a receipt.

Effective E-commerce Web Design

Shopping Carts offered by Coastal Webmasters of Nanaimo, BCCoastal Webmaster websites are not only highly functional, but they are attractive and effective as well.

Features that you can expect to find on our websites are:

– Attractive design with SEO friendly content, properly tagged photos, videos and other features all aimed to reach your customers.

– Easy navigation, without any clutter so that your customer can easily and quickly find what they are looking for.

– Easy to use e-commerce / shopping cart systems and order forms.

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